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Social Media Services

On the Laptop

Social Media Managment

If it's all getting on top of you and you'd like to save money by saving time and getting someone else to do your social media work, I can manage this for you at an hourly rate. Leave it to me and watch your social media reach and engagement grow while you focus on your business.

Pricing: £30 p/h


Paid Advertising

Finding your social media advertising budget wasted as your ads don't get seen? Want to run ads but don't have a clue where to start? Put them in my capable hands and I'll work on getting you the best possible ROAS (Return on ad spend)

Pricing: £30 p/h

Social Media Analysis

Have you been working on your own social media for a while but aren't sure what's working or whether anything is?! Let me loose on your social media insights and analytics, and I'll pull together all the information to help you see the wood for the trees and identify which direction to take your business in. 



Social Media Analysis and marketing plan

The same as the Social Media Analysis with an added extra - I'll take the information I've gathered and create a marketing plan for  you for the coming 12 weeks, including tips, tricks and tools to make the most of your marketing. 


Working on Laptop
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