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Siani from Think Outside Social is sitting on a sofa smiling warmly at the camera. She's heavily tattooed and is wearing glasses and has dark hair. She's got a notepad on her lap and a pen in her hand.


Since 2020 Think Outside Social has been a freelance social media and digital marketing agency, putting together experience, passion and a genuine desire to see organisations and businesses succeed. 

With Think Outside Social, you can be assured of an approachable, professional and authentic experience.

Following many years experience of running successful online forums, to freelance, award winning writing for newspapers, book chapters and magazines, I went on to  work as a social media executive, winning regional and national awards in digital campaigning and social media, and a Distinction qualification in Digital Marketing.

Having realised that the commercial hard sell approach of e-commerce was not for me, I built my own business from scratch and now specialise in working with businesses and organisations in particular sectors - namely: sociological, educational, psychological, therapeutic, creative and ecological. This is because I have knowlege and experience in these areas, and am genuinely passionate about them. I find that this greatly enhances the quality and enthusiasm I have for my work, as I am authentically invested right from the start.

I Think Outside Social, and I'd love to hear from you.

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